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Adjustable Weight Dumbbells For Women

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells For Women

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Bringing in Adjustable Weight Dumbbells for Women – a versatile and convenient fitness accessory designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of women engaging in strength training. These dumbbells offer adjustability in weight, making them an ideal choice for various exercises and fitness levels.

The Adjustable Weight Dumbbells for Women feature a user-friendly design, allowing you to easily customize the weight according to your fitness goals and workout routine. The adjustable mechanism ensures that you can increase or decrease the resistance, providing flexibility for different exercises and progressions.


Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness and fitness, sports trends, dance sports
Colors: pink, blue, purple
Weight: 1-1.5-2 kilograms adjustable (single * 2)
Material: TPR+PP+steel block
Packaging size: 27 * 18 * 10cm

Packing list:

Dumbbell * 1 pair

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