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Anti Sprain Sports Wrist Bandage

Anti Sprain Sports Wrist Bandage

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Meet the Anti-Sprain Sports Wrist Bandage – a supportive and protective accessory designed to enhance wrist stability and prevent sprains during physical activities. This wrist bandage is crafted to provide reliable support, making it an ideal choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals engaged in various sports.

The Anti-Sprain Sports Wrist Bandage features a durable and stretchable fabric that wraps securely around the wrist. The adjustable straps ensure a customized fit, allowing you to control the level of compression and support based on your comfort and activity level. The bandage is designed to promote proper wrist alignment and reduce the risk of sprains or injuries.


Name: Bandage Wrap Compression Bracers
Size: one size
Color: blue black red black yellow black hawthorn black
Material: polyester fiber elastic
Function: sports protection wrist compression protection wrist joint
Main material: polyester yarn
Specifications: 50*8 double stripes yellow, 50*8 double stripes red, 50*8 four stripes red, 50*8 four stripes yellow, 50*8 four stripes blue, 55*8 double stripes yellow, 55*8 double stripes Red, 55*8 Four Stripes Red, 55*8 Four Stripes Yellow, 55*8 Four Stripes Blue

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