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Portable Fitness Adjustable Water Bag

Portable Fitness Adjustable Water Bag

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Introducing the Portable Fitness Adjustable Water Bag – a versatile and innovative fitness tool designed to add a dynamic element to your workout routine. This portable water bag is crafted with flexibility and convenience in mind, allowing you to customize the weight and intensity of your exercises.

The Portable Fitness Adjustable Water Bag typically features a durable bag with multiple compartments that can be filled with water to adjust the weight. The adjustable design allows you to control the resistance level, making it suitable for various exercises, including squats, lunges, curls, and more. Crafted with high-quality and tear-resistant materials, the water bag ensures durability and longevity.


1. Turn on the faucet, and put 1/3 water into the bag at first.
2. Use the inflator to pump up the bag.
3. Verify the air tightness.
4. If everything is okay, put more water into the bag and pump up again.


Product Name: Weight-bearing balance fitness water bag
Product material: 1MM thick environmentally friendly non-toxic PVC
Product color: transparent
Product capacity: 20KG
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, fitness body, sports trend
Color :16*75cm (15kg), 20*75cm (25kg), 25*75cm (37kg)
Size information:
Product specifications: diameter 20CM * length 75CM (Does not contain ink)
Note: This product does not contain any liquid pigments

Package Content:

1 x Bag 

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